Remote Working

Working from home is an activity which has become more popular in recent years. More and more people are joining the new telecommuting trend. Before, most of the jobs required a more face-to-face nature, with more physical methods and techniques such as registering delivery note on paper, delivering by hand, having your desk with the company’s documentation, etc. But more and more, all these techniques and tools are being digitalized little by little, to the point of being able to carry out all the jobs that we used to do, in our own homes. All these new technologies we have these days, have opened up lots of new possibilities, mind you, we are still adapting.

The following are 10 basic tips to help you to adapt to teleworking:

  • You must consider this as important as regular work (as we used to know it). Furthermore, it is crucial that you yourself take it seriously. Working from home is as good as any other job.
  • Teleworking gives us the possibility to choose, for ourselves, when and where we want to work. It should be a priority to organize this time well and also to respect work-schedules, (also those of your colleagues).
  • It is also important, whenever possible, to have your own work space.
  • Equally important is to keep in touch with your colleagues, have lunch together, make video calls, work in person on some days, send little messages, etc…
  • Keep your leisure time separate from your work obligations. Knowing how to separate the various areas of your life is very useful.
  • Sitting still is no good for you, make it a priority to exercise either before or after your work.
  • It is also important to take small breaks from time to time, stand up and stretch or walk about, take a snack…
  • Of high priority is of course to maintain security and privacy, always follow your company’s instructions with regards to this.
  • Make sure to have a separate phone and email for work. Do not use private ones.
  • For your teleworking to be successful it is also important that you have the support and understanding of those who live with you.